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When We Were Heavy Metal Legends: Fotoserie über Trash-Metal-Bands auf Tour

Vor rund zehn Jahren ging Angela Boatwright mit ein paar Metal-Bands für vier Jahre auf Tour und fotografierte ihren Alltag und die Moshpits. Nun hat sie die Bands wieder besucht und mit ihnen über Metal, die Musik-Industrie und Livegigs gesprochen.

Topic Magazine: When We Were Heavy Metal Legends

She gathered up her life savings and hit the road in 2008, touring almost nonstop for the next four years with Early Man, Toxic Holocaust, Black Tusk, Skeletonwitch, and other thrash metal bands, becoming close with the musicians, filming them for a documentary, and taking thousands of photographs of their lives on- and offstage. The longer she stayed on tour, the more she started to understand the passion behind the music, what types of people are drawn to the touring lifestyle, and what it ultimately does to them. […] This time; some of her subjects are still touring, others are no longer playing with their bands, and still others continue to look for ways to balance a steady paycheck with a need to shred.