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An Open Source PHP Presentation Engine For RDF Data – FoafpressWebResourcesDepot

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FOAF (an acronym of Friend of a friend) is a machine-readable ontology describing persons, their activities and their relations to other people and objects. Anyone can use FOAF to describe him or herself. FOAF allows groups of people to describe social networks without the need for a centralised database (via Wikipedia).

Foafpress is an open source PHP web application and presentation engine for RDF data stored in files.

It makes aggregating and publishing data from multiple web sources via Linked Data possible.


The application can read RDFXML, Turtle + N-Triple files and supports automatic content negotiation, currently for RDFXML, Turtle, N-Triple, HTML and RSS.

There are ready-to-use templates and controllers for foaf:Person and foaf:Group.

It can create a merged activity stream from Atom/RSS feed resources, render Twitter and statuses including @account, URLs and #hashtag links and has icons for ~35 social websites (like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook).

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