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Neural Network trained on Zero Likes

Schöner Tweetie-Bot von Sam Hains, der ein Neural Network auf Bilder trainierte, die keinerlei Reaktion auf Instagram hervorriefen und diese AI generiert daraus abstrakte Bilder, die diese „Nothingness“ repräsentieren. Dann baut er noch einen Bildbeschreibungs-Algorithmus hintendran, die dieses „Nothing“ als „Something“ beschreiben. (via Neural)

This project is an exploration of the aesthetics of the neglected content which defines the negative space of the internet. I trained an AI to create images in response to over 100,000 Instagram posts that received zero likes. What is the texture of this forgotten content? How would the machine represent this kind of 'nothingness'? The purpose of this project was to open up a dialogue with networked machine intelligence and determine how far can it go in responding to abstract, human questions.

The project exists in its current form as an art bot. At this stage, I have combined a range of different AI models trained on zero likes content, as well as a modified image captioning model to perform a 'machinic Rorschach test' on the images. The result is an automated, organic creature operating in a popular social network.