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Memetic Tribes

Nette Übersicht von Peter Limberg und Conor Barnes über die von ihnen sogenannten „new Memetic Tribes“, wobei ich diese Gruppen nicht unbedingt als neu ansehen würde, sondern als Zusammenfassung der (amerikanischen) politisch-kommentierenden Gruppierungen der letzten drei Jahre. Spannend wäre eine ähnliche Übersicht der Entwicklungen hierzulande, eine genaue Taxonomie memetisch differenzierter Gruppen von Aufschrei-AktivistInnen und Drecksack-Linke bis Pegida, AFD und Reichsbürger.

Intellectual Explorers Club: Memetic Tribes and Culture War 2.0 By Peter Limberg and Conor Barnes

Hier ein Google Spreadsheet mit den von Limberg und Barnes ausgemachten Memetic Tribes (der USA).

We define memetic tribes as a group of agents with a memeplex that directly or indirectly seeks to impose its distinct map of reality, along with its moral imperatives, upon other minds. These tribes are the active players in the new culture war. They possess a multiplicity of competing claims, interests, goals, and organizations. While the red and blue tribes were certainly far from monolithic, in the current decade any claim to unity is laughable. An establishment leftist who squabbles with the right must contend with mockery from the Dirtbag Left. Meanwhile, the Dirtbag Left endures critiques from Social Justice Activists (SJA), who in turn are criticized by the Intellectual Dark Web (IDW). The trench warfare of the old culture war has become an all-out brawl. […]

Memetic tribes are multitudinous, fractious, unscrupulously optimistic, and divide the world into allies and enemies. They are locked in a Darwinian zero-sum war for the narrative of the noosphere, the sphere of human thought. What conditions gave rise to the contentious environment of memetic tribes?

We argue that six phenomena are involved in their genesis: secularization, fragmentation, atomization, globalization, stimulation, and weaponization. These ingredients respectively engender six crises: the meaning crisis, the reality crisis, the belonging crisis, the proximity crisis, the sobriety crisis, and the warfare crisis.