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Comicbook gets pirated on 4chan, Author comes into thread, everything is full of loveNerdcore


Eine der schönsten 4chan-Storys, ever. Zumindest für Comic-Nerds: Steve Liebers Comic „Underground“ wurde komplett auf 4chan gepostet, woraufhin sich der Autor in die Untiefen des „black Heart of the Internet“ (NYTimes) begab, und dort mit den Leuten redete – OMG! –, und zwar so, als seien es ganz normale Leute und keine unmoralischen, assozialen Raubkopierer.

Das Ergebnis: Lieber hat sein Comic komplett für lau auf seiner Website gepostet, gesteigerte Verkaufszahlen und jede Menge Publicity. Eat this, Gene Simmons.

After being alerted to a 4chan thread that posted the bulk of he and writer Jeff Parker’s “Under Ground” limited series from Image Comics to read for free, Lieber stepped into the site with a level head that generally won over a number of users before posting the same material for free at the Underground website.

Rather than berating the thread for more or less pirating he and Parker’s creator-owned work in a public forum, Lieber instead answered questions about his career and pointed out that those who liked what they read could buy the book in print. The response was almost resoundingly positive with a lot of readers expressing interest in paying for the comic or simply being excited to have access to a creator willing to share insights about the industry.

‘Underground’ Artist Steve Lieber Wins Over 4chan, hier der (archivierte) Thread auf 4chan, hier der Link zum Posting auf Steve Liebers Blogs mit den Links zum kompletten Comic.

Amazon-Partnerlink: Underground