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Algorithmic Sudoku Fun-Sucker

Magic Sudoku ist ein automatischer AR-Sudoku-Solver, Kamera draufhalten und nie wieder denken müssen. Ich werde den nicht nutzen, ich mag meine Zahlenrätsel eher rätselhaft, aber der Text zur Entwicklung des Algorithmus ist nett:

Magic Sudoku uses a combination of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality to give a magical user experience that “just works” when you point your phone at a Sudoku puzzle. The basic flow of the application is this:

- ARKit gets a new frame from the camera.

- We use iOS11’s Vision Library to detect rectangles in the image.

- If rectangles are found we determine whether they are a Sudoku.

- If we find a puzzle we split it up into 81 square images.

- Each square is run through a neural network we trained to determine what number (if any) it represents.

- Once enough numbers are gathered we use a traditional recursive algorithm to solve the puzzle.

- We pass a 3D model representing the solved puzzle back to ARKit to display on top of the original image from the camera.

All of this happens several times each second.